REGISTRATION for Introduction to Motorcycling

Special Introduction to Motorcycling including the 1st day of the 2-day Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course

(NOTE: You will not be eligible for your motorcycle license as a result of passing this course.)

To register online, follow the these steps:

  1. Read the Terms, Course Descriptions, and Course Requirements.

  2. Check the schedule.  Find 2 course dates that would work for you.  (Note: if you can only attend one specific date, you can select the same class for your 1st and 2nd choice.)  Make note of your 1st and 2nd choice.  This information will need to be entered on the registration form.

  3. Complete the online registration form

  4. Pay with a credit card (Note: we use PayPal to process your credit card payment.  You do NOT need to be a member of PayPal to pay us this way).

Click on the "BUY NOW" button below to pay...then complete the registration form (Step 4)

Intro to Motorcycling - 1st day of Basic Rider Course $199 Pay w/credit or debit card on PayPal's secure site (don't need a paypal acct)

  1. Registrations are processed each night.  You will receive an email confirmation of your registration within 24 hours.  If you do not receive an email confirmation, please call us at 781-974-2474.